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Buy 1 - £9.95

Buy 1 - £9.95

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Buy 1 - £9.95

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Buy 1 - £9.95

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British made Kitchen Gadget As featured in..

"Perfect for prepping your speed foods"

"Perfect for prepping your speed foods"

"Perfect for prepping your speed foods"

Slimming World Mag logo

Essential Kitchen Gadget

 Aug / Sept issue 2019

"It is so easy to use"

"Perfect for prepping your speed foods"

"Perfect for prepping your speed foods"

Take a Break Mag logo

Everyday Kitchen Gadget

July 2019 - monthly issue

"Love this kitchen gadget!"

"Perfect for prepping your speed foods"

"Love this kitchen gadget!"

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"Foodie star of the month"

Top Sante Magazine May 2019

Food processor or potato peeler?

Judge for yourself - This British made Julienne peeler, does all this and more..

PLUS:  Easy to use - Easy to clean - No power - All parts can be replaced/recycled!

An essential kitchen gadget, for any size kitchen

Take a quick look...

Shred, Peel, Slice, Grate & Julienne Vegetables

The Ultimate Julienne peeler  -  one tool does it all

scroll down to see even more instructional videos 


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We love fresh vegetables!

And we want you to love eating fresh too.

That's why we demonstrate our Julienne Peeler at exhibitions and events up and down the country, to show families just how easy it is, with the right kitchen gadgets!


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We only sell products we believe in, and once you have purchased one of our kitchen gadgets, we want you to go home and use it! 

That's why we have posted a series of videos with tips and advise on how to use our julienne peeler.

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